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September 11, 2004 Meeting

Judge Jack Camp hosted the September meeting again at his fantastic cabin. The day officially began around 2:00pm with the kids fishing and the grown-ups relaxing. Jack's neighbor Mike brought a smoker and spent the afternoon working on the ribs while most of the rest of us told "war stories" and listened to the expert guitar stylings of Scott Clements.

The wives seemed to prefer the company of each other - could it be that they have all heard these "war stories" too many times?

The kids had a ball pulling in fish after fish (it shows on their faces)

The official meeting was preceded with a moving reflection on 9-11 by Brian Bossman. Subsequently we discussed items such as dues, upcoming elections, meeting frequency and school recruitment drives.

Thanks to Brian Cavanaugh for the following pictures. Click on a picture to see an enlarged view.

Liz Camp has provided additional pictures following the first set.

Mike working on the ribs.

While Jack supervises

Trust me... if you missed these you missed some delicious ribs.

Scott Clements seranades the cooking crew.

A better view. (Jack, Alston & Scott)

Scott and Jack at the refreshment stand.

Jack's dog Duke overseeing the festivities.

Getting the fishing gear ready (Brian Bossman).

Whether it's fishing from the dock (Tanner)

Or from the bank (Brittney)

The fish just didn't have a chance (Bailey)

Look at this form

These are the moments

That form life long memories

Kids bonding with each other (Peyton)

And with the grownups

They will carry the  memories

For a long time. (Peyton)

The official "hook-baiter" (Doug)

And Marty Potash was the official "fish un-hooker"

Big Mike (Tiny to his friends) is just taking it all in.

Brittney relaxing

A found Snakeskin (Peyton)


The adults enjoyed the camaraderie

Banks ,Carol, LaDonna & Theresa


Is Banks directing an orchestra?

Peyton kicking back..

Then the best part - ribs!

Kim & Brian

David and Rosie Boyd

Daryl & Drew

Eric, Pam & Mike

Tanner & Bailey

Daryl & Drew

Banks and Carol Glover