Southside Atlanta Citadel Club
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June 24th 2007 Meeting

Although many folks were on vacation or could not attend because we sent invitations with such short advance notice, we had a respectable turnout of 10 alumni and family. And while the venue was not as idylic as Jack Camp's cabin, it seems the kids and grownups had a really good time. And, in spite of the high temperature, everyone seemed quite comfortable.

(click on a picture for full size view)

David Boyd '62 with John '70
and Judy Cecil.

Dana Graham '80 (seated), Banks Glover '69, Marty Potash '78 and Mike (Tiny) Menchinger '80

Wives and kids entertain themselves while we handle "serious" matters!

Doug Cobb '65(seated), Norm Rudd '84, Cynde Rudd and Susan Cobb

Sarah Ann Horne, Bill Horne '63  and Brian Bossman '87

Our esteemed officers: Marty Potash, Tiny Menchinger and Brian Bossman

Norm Rudd, Tiny Menchinger and Marty Potash

Judy Cecil, John Cecil, Banks Glover and David Boyd

Cynde Rudd, Susan Cobb, Doug Cobb and Norm Rudd.

The Courtyard

Bill Horne's grown kids

Banks' dog Jesse