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Folly Beach Shag Party in Georgia

Major Blowout!
What a great gathering we had on Saturday August 6th 2005 at Jack's cabin. The theme was really appropriate and we had close to 70 folks in attendance. All 4 of the incoming knobs were there as were their families. Brian Cavanaugh made some of his world famous Low Country Boil to go along with standard "yankee" fare of hotdogs and hamburgers. Add to this our wives, children and dogs - fishing and games - and it turned out great. We did get a thunderboomer right after supper, but managed to stay dry in the cabin.  Had several new folks come and all known updates are now on the Members page.

Pictures by Liz Camp! Click picture for larger view.

More Pictures to come.. check back in a few days.

Officers and incoming Cadets. L-R back row: President Brian Cavanaugh '87, club co-founder Jack Camp '65, Treasurer Tiny Menchinger '80, club co-founder Banks Glover '69, Sargent-at-Arms Marty Potash '78. Front Row Josh Bissell, Caroline Rudd, Will Nall and David Conlan

Incoming Knobs - Josh Bissell, Caroline Rudd, Will Nall and David Conlan

Knob Bissell & Granddad, Knob Rudd and Dad Norm '84

Dads and kids - Doug Powell '72 in t-shirt, Larry Jacobsen '78 in cap

Scott Clements '84 talking with Susan Nall (Lee's better half)

Carol Glover, Teresa Clements - windswept hair and it's fixin' tuh rain.

Knobs Nall & Conlan with Marty Potash '78 Club Officer

Anything to get away from the guys!

Caroline Rudd with all the Bissells (knob, parents and grandparents)

Chow-down time at the Camp Cabin!

Future Cadets

Will Nall and his main Squeeze

First Lady LaDonna Cavanaugh, Eric Larsen '85 and our Prez - Brian Cavanaugh '87

Our parade just got rained on... and it was wet!

Grant, the newest future provisional appointment.

Rick Guinta '84 with Bill & Sara Horne ('63)

Ray Mayer '74 (Coweta County's DA) and wife Julie

When it rains there's always Paris!

Tiny Menchinger '80, Marty Potash '78 and Larry Jacobsen '79

Tiny wasn't really posed for this pic. Wonder what company that guy was in?

Jack Camp '65 and Wilder Davis '60

Scott Clements '85