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Battle of Brown's Mill Excursion
November 2005

Historic Marker indicating site of battle

Kerry Elliot tell us about the battle

If we look rapt, it's because we didn't know the history.

It was chilling to know that such important history was right here in Newnan.

Kerry showing us pistols and other items traced directly to the soldiers (by name).

"Here come de Judge"

The kids enjoyed the hayride

More kids - note the "big kid" on the left.

Banks Glover, Ray Meyer and Eddie Cole.

According to Dr. David Evans, the site of the battle is one of only three preserved Civil War calvary battlefields in the U.S. and is also significant because of it's role in the direction of the war. The Battle of Brown's Mill changed the way the Atlanta campaign was fought by capturing a significant number of Union soldiers and forcing General W.T. Sherman to change his whole strategy during the siege of Atlanta. That move prolonged the outcome of the war, though ultimately won by the North.