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Mission Statement

On a regular, predictable timeline, club members will provide a venue in the southern Atlanta area for Citadel graduates, families, and prospective Citadel family members to come together.  We will meet in order to socialize, sponsor new cadets, and support the Citadel and Citadel alumni.

The members of the Southside Atlanta Citadel Club will plan and organize regular meetings of local Citadel graduates, families, and prospective Citadel cadets.  The meetings will provide fellowship and entertainment for members, sponsor new cadets, and support the Citadel and Citadel alumni.

Is this term still used anymore? Regardless, please take a moment to update your vital statistics such as email, phone, address.... and if you happen to know any information on other grads in the area, please let us know so we can contact them.

The Citadel Alma Mater

Oh Citadel we sing thy fame
For all the world to hear,
And in the paths our fathers showed us
Follow without fear.
Peace and Honor, God and Country,
We will fight for thee.
Oh Citadel, we praise thee now
And in Eternity.

Oh Citadel, though strife surrounds us,
We will ever be
Full conscious of the benefits
That we derive from thee.
Stand forever, yielding never
To the tyrant's Hell
We'll never cease our struggles for
Our mighty Citadel.

Cadet A. Preston Price '43

Press Start Key Twice


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  The Citadel's Newest Club   

2015 marks our 12th year

This picture, taken at our third meeting, tells what it's all about. Perhaps it was best stated by Landon Moxley when he said "We had a great time last weekend, always good to be able to spend time with good people."

From the beginning we felt the club shouldn't be restricted to the "long grey line" but should include those that make our lives so rich - wives, significant others, children... don't leave home without them.

 Meeting Schedule for 2015

Please mark your calendars in advance! We know that each of you have very busy lives but please work your schedules around these dates. Based on your feedback that sometimes the Saturday meeting dates are difficult to work around, we will be alternating between Saturdays and Thursdays. We are now working on the planning of the event and the venues - check back often.




Sunday September 13, 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Potluck to be served at 3:00
Family fish fry and Oyster roast
We ask you to bring a covered dish and any drinks other than tea and water.  Please let us know what you are bringing so that we can round out the menu.  We will have games for all ages before lunch.  After we eat there will be a hayride to Jack's pond for folks interested in fishing or watching others try.  Bring your fishing pole.  We will have live bait but bring your favorite lures
Jack & Liz Camp's farm.

1615 Handy Road
Newnan Georgia

Call Ed if you get lost
December 6 Christmas Gathering: 2:00pm until ??? The PTC White House
Directions TBA

Please RSVP prior to each scheduled meeting so that we can make appropriate plans.  RSVP to Ed White, 770-314-2466.

Our 2015 Muster Service

After the Muster Service and meal we held a brief business session in which President Ed White announced several changes he wants to initiate this coming year - first being that we are going to become more heavily involved in the recruitment effort at local high schools and plan to have a special meeting to include prospective cadets and their parents.  Second is to make plans for future meetings and events several months in advance so we can each try to avoid conflicts.  Third is to plan exciting events such as a camping and fishing weekend at Jack's bass pond and better planning for the annual shootout. Fourth is to reach out to local alumni who were once active in the club but no longer attend. 

Message from our Club President

(This from an email sent to Tom McAlister of the Alumni Association)

On December 7, 2014 The Southside Atlanta Citadel Club held its annual Christmas gathering. We recognized Ray Mayer for his outstanding service and presented him with the CAA recognition certificate.  Tom, this was very well received by not only Ray but also club members who felt it was deserved.  As you and I have discussed previously, I believe that a formalized program to recognize Club officers that serve with distinction should be a consideration for the Association.  As of the 7th, I assumed responsibility as our Club President and Todd Rivers ('88), an outstanding alum, assumed the position of vice president.  Additionally, Banks Glover ('69) has agreed to stay on as our webmaster.  We look forward to initiating an active cadet recruiting program in 2015, and the Atlanta Citadel Club has agreed to work with us on this effort. 

Article by General Rosa in Charleston Paper
(click below for larger view)
Our Class of 1969 recently celebrated our 45th year reunion.  Here are a few recollections you all can identify with. 

The first is the recollections of knob year in F company, class of 1970 - the year was 1966.

The second is an article by a classmate reflecting on the Band of Brotherhood between the Citadel and VMI.

The third is a rebuttal to a Charleston News and Courier article that derided our plebe system as cruel abuse. By my classmate Nat Davis - Hazing is Good For You.

And finally... a little humor.

Speaking of Recruitment:  Take a gander at the new recruitment video: Click here

Two Videos to Watch
(Click on picture to view)

Service and Sacrifice: A Citadel Tradition
(note: silence for first 30 seconds)

South of Broad: a song we can all relate to:


Another famous father's son at the Citadel.  We all knew about Ted Turner's sons being at the Citadel.. Now another one:
Rick Santorum's son at the Citadel.

Brian Bossman and Marty Potash represented the Southside Atlanta Citadel Club at the 2010 IACT(Inter Service Academy Golf Tournament) at the Connecticut Golf Club in Easton Connecticut.  Although a gallant effort, the team was only able to grab 4th place.  Next year..lets get a better showing and sink Navy!!

Of the 161 local alumni on record, 31 have attended at least one club meeting since our first meeting back in November 2003! Let's all make a concerted effort to increase that number. We need everyone's help on this - call and remind others to come.

Summerall Guards Kentucky Performance
Doug Powell sent us this video of the Summerall Guards performing at a Kentucky Basketball game.
He wondered what damage the shoes and rifles did to the floor.. (press start key twice to begin)


Morris D. Robinson - Citadel Graduate, Football Player, Opera Singer. Watch this

When David Boyd '60, Jack Camp '65 and Banks Glover '69 were lamenting the long sober drive from Newnan to the Atlanta Citadel Club, the question was raised. "why don't we just start one down here". Turns out there are over 40 graduates in the immediate vicinity and that number is growing. So in November 2003 we held our first meeting.
Click on pic to see full sized newspaper writeup.

Telling tales for the '60's are Pat Conroy '67, Carl Anderson '62 and Jack Camp '65. Conroy entertained members of the Atlanta Citadel Club February 16th before his book-signing for the standing room only crowd at the Ansley Golf Club. Conroy was amused that despite the "honor code", in his travels for these "signings", he has counted that he's had 68 Citadel roommates and has actually met 12 former cadets who confessed to being members of "The Ten".  "No kidding....!!!"